What A Difference The Day Make

Just realized how Beckett hides her gun when she`s undercover

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Hi and welcome to a portal to my crazy mind! This is as you soon will find out a multifandom-blog, because there`s to many great things out there to only make it about one thing.

And when it comes to spoilers, you will find them here. `cause guys, some things are just to good to not share! I will however try to tag all my spoilers so you can remove them from your dash ;)

My lovely addictions: Castle, HIMYM, TBBT, New GIrl, Suits, Doctor Who, Chuck, Bones, Grey`s Anatomy, One Tree Hill and so on.

I just really loves books in general <3 However I have some favorites like: Harry Potter, The hunger games, One Day, Wilbur Smiths books, twilight (yes, yes it`s my guilty pleasure)

However this is not just a fandom blog (even thought you will not be disappointed if you are looking for fandom-stuff!), but I also blog about photography, surfing, wonderful places, music, amazing movies and everything else that fancy me. Enjoy!
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