What A Difference The Day Make

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Skull, found in France, with a knife still embedded it it.  The skull belonged to a Roman solider who died during the Gallic Wars, ca. 52BC. It was on display at the Museo Rocsen in Argentina.  

Whenever I see things like this, I wonder how they died. I guess it will always be a mystery.

I’m gonna go with “Stabbed through the head” 

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I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
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The best of | Leigh Anne Tuohy

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The Iron Throne as described in the novels, officially endorsed by GRRM on his blog as the most accurate artistic representation thus far. By artist Marc Simonetti.


What the fuck that isn’t safe

No, it’s not. The histories talk about how the throne is cruel to unworthy kings. Jaime would talk about how Aerys Targaryen would constantly be covered in scabs from sitting on the throne carelessly. 

'No man should sit comfortably upon the throne'

It is meant to be an ugly, monstrous beauty. And several times during the books Joffrey cuts himself on throne.

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1-Month-Left Rewatch Day 15
Castle 6x15 Smells Like Teen Spirit

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Did it all go wrong? Or is this good by your s t a n d a r d s?

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tigers are great

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so this girl at my school was mad at me so on facebook she sent me


instead of correcting her spelling, i just took her profile picture and made this and sent it to her


she doesn’t get it

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what if websites had closing hours


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Hi and welcome to a portal to my crazy mind! This is as you soon will find out a multifandom-blog, because there`s to many great things out there to only make it about one thing.

And when it comes to spoilers, you will find them here. `cause guys, some things are just to good to not share! I will however try to tag all my spoilers so you can remove them from your dash ;)

My lovely addictions: Castle, HIMYM, TBBT, New GIrl, Suits, Doctor Who, Chuck, Bones, Grey`s Anatomy, One Tree Hill and so on.

I just really loves books in general <3 However I have some favorites like: Harry Potter, The hunger games, One Day, Wilbur Smiths books, twilight (yes, yes it`s my guilty pleasure)

However this is not just a fandom blog (even thought you will not be disappointed if you are looking for fandom-stuff!), but I also blog about photography, surfing, wonderful places, music, amazing movies and everything else that fancy me. Enjoy!
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